Seowon Greenlife is an American marketing and manufacturing health food Company backed by Seowon Agricultural Company located in Korea. Our motto is,“Eat well, Feel better, Perform at your best”. It is our business to produce, prepare and package only the best natural health food for our people. Korean smoothies mix have been around for many years. Pilgrims  formulated powder meal mix using super grains and vegetables as an easy, instant and satisfying meal. Our smoothies are natural, satisfying, and easy to use. It keeps your mind at ease with a hunger-free feeling through your daily journey.

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As an affiliated company of SW Agricultural, the SW GREENLIFE was established in 2012 for improving healthy life of Americans and exchanging cultural asset of Korea and America. All the products of SW GREENLIFE is guaranteed by the Federation control system and support of Korean NACF that takes pride of safe production and distribution of healthy food.

Background of SW GREENLIFE

SW Greenlife Inc. is sponsored by Seowon Agricultural. Seowon Agricultural co. is one of the branch of NACF that provides all Korean native products for the US customers in cooperation with SW GREENLIFE.

Objectives and Goals

– SW Greenlife strives to bring the traditional Korean diet of herbs and grains to publicoutside Korea.

– SW Agriculture produce natural products for domestic and international markets

– Joint collaboration achieve our business and moral goals


Mission & Vision

Greenlife.Inc is a privately owned company that was founded on the vision to inspire a healthy, nutritional lifestyle. Greenlife strives to bring the traditional Korean diet of herbs and grains to public. With tons of benefits, this diet has sustained our ancestors for centuries. The thought of eating dried roots or slices of ginseng may not sound appealing to some, but Greenlife has taken a whole new spin to the traditional diet, creating products that are just as natural yet incredibly delicious!

Eat Well, Feel Better, Perform at your Best

Vision: Total customer satisfaction by cultivating, producing and manufacturing our products with highly pure and natural quality ingredients and advanced industrial processes.